The Skin –

our most versatile organ

The skin is not only the most versatile but also the largest organ in humans. It is the barrier to the environment and the outside world with which we are in constant contact. Our entire organism depends on it functioning well. Our skin is our protective layer, it signals feelings, is a sensory organ and at the same time regulates temperature and humidity. Approximately two million skin cells protect the human body against germs, UV radiation, drying out, heat and cold. In addition millions of nerve cells in the skin provide us with a fine sense of touch and allow us to feel pain and temperature.

The skin reacts extremely sensitively and often very obviously to external influences as well as to internal processes in the body. It is also affected by the natural aging process. Our skin reveals a great deal about our lifestyle and our emotions, too. There are therefore many reasons why it is worth nourishing and caring for our protective organ.