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Correct Care

If we do not treat ourselves well, this leaves traces on our skin, in the same way as stressful events in life or damaging environmental influences do. The skin is not only the largest organ of our body, but also forma a protective shield against damaging environmental influences. In the course of daily life our skin is exposed to numerous stress factors. Warm air dries it out, environmental toxins and pollutants attack it and UV radiation destroys the inner structure of its cells. By eating a healthy, vitamin-rich diet and drinking sufficient quantities we can strengthen the skin from the inside outwards. But we can also do a lot for healthy skin from the outside. With regular skin care we can support its natural beauty. It is important that this care meets the needs of the particular skin type and its specific requirements. With incorrect care, existing problems can be easily reinforced or new ones created. If you are uncertain of your skin type, or have serious skin problems, you should consult a dermatologist.

Skin Types

Just as we are all individual, so is our skin. It therefore needs individually balanced care. The appearance of the skin depends greatly on the production of sebum. Environmental influences and lifestyles also play a role. Through hormonal influences and weathering, each skin has its characteristic appearance. Dry skin is very soft and fine-pored, suffering from a lack of moisture. The specialist term for this is sebostase. Greasy skin tends to have large pores and be shiny, the term for the appearance of greasy skin is seborrhoea. Sensitive skin has fine pores and a tendency to redness and dryness. Acne skin is easy to recognize by the spots and pustules. Combination skin is typified by a mixture of dry and greasy sections. A typical pattern is referred to as a greasy T-zone on the chin, nose and forehead, with dry regions on the cheeks.

Normal skin

The term normal skin is actually an understatement as it describes the ideal that scarcely ever occurs. Normal skin is smooth and soft as velvet. It has no blemishes and resists all environmental influences such as sun, cold and central heating without any problem. Nevertheless, careful skin care should not be neglected, as with age or stressful situations, otherwise problem-free skin may develop negative changes. The best care is a balanced mixture of substances that are gently moisturising such as viliv moisturising day cream.

Dry skin

Dry skin is only evident externally in extreme cases. Over-dryness is noticeable by an unpleasant feeling of tightness, as well as itchy, rough patches. It can be caused by a disturbance to the lipid coating which usually protects healthy skin from environmental influences.

Without this protective shield, sun, heat and air pollution directly affect the skin, causing an above-average loss of moisture. As part of daily routine it is sufficient to gently cleanse the skin once a day, preferably in the evening, so that the skin can recover overnight. A highly suitable skin cream is viliv moisturizer viliv nourishing night cream, with the perfect composition and high quality ingredients for the care of dry skin.

Sensitive skin

Dry skin is often also very sensitive, but other skin types can also suffer irritations occasionally or even permanently. Sensitive skin reacts quickly to pollutants and the effects of weather with redness, flaking and painful lesions. It is therefore important to avoid anything which might irritate the skin from the outset. Reinforce the skin’s own protective function with products such as viliv cell defence serum and viliv post laser cream.

Greasy skin

What dry skin lacks, greasy skin has in abundance. Even when the skin is not exposed to any particular stresses, the sebaceous glands produce far too much grease. The skin of the face and head are particularly affected. If the surface of the skin is permanently covered in a strong film of grease, not only will the upper layer of skin thicken, but circulation will also be disrupted. Therefore greasy skin, which often seems to be so robust and resistant to stress, also needs thorough and appropriate care. Greasy skin should be cleansed at least twice a day. If there is a tendency to develop spots and blackheads, an antibacterial cleanser is recommended. A facial toner containing alcohol will also remove excess grease and a regular peeling mask will prevent skin blemishes.

Combination skin

A particular challenge is presented by combination skin, where completely opposing problems occur on differing sections of the skin. The most common pattern is a combination of normal to very dry skin on the region of the cheeks, the neck and around the eyes, with greasy skin on the forehead, the nose and the chin. It might be more time-consuming, but sensible to apply the appropriate care to each section. The region around the eyes in particular requires a rich moisturizer to avoid the occurrence of premature wrinkles. As moisturizer, viliv nourishing night cream is particularly suitable for this region, with viliv moisturising day creamfor the skin on the chin, nose and forehead.

Mature skin

With age our skin is not only increasingly exposed to the stresses of everyday life, but hormonal changes in the body also mean that the skin becomes thinner, more sensitive and drier. In addition, the elasticity of the skin decreases and wrinkles form. Unfortunately existing wrinkles cannot be completely eradicated, even with the best skin care. It is therefore important to start an age-appropriate care regime for the skin as early as possible.

In addition to moisturizing ingredients, modern anti-ageing products contain special active ingredients which can positively counteract the ageing process of the skin. viliv w “wipe off the wrinkles“ and viliv b “give your skin a boost“ provide efficient active serums for early and positive anti-ageing. As part of daily basic care in addition to the serum, viliv n “get a night restore“ is the perfect companion.