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Dr. Felix Bertram and skinmed

Dr. Felix Bertram is one of the leading skin specialists in Switzerland with an international reputation. He has led training sessions and workshops in aesthetic medicine and wrinkle treatment in Paris, Munich, Miami, Boston and New York. As a valued expert and an opinion leader for companies in the areas of cosmetics, wrinkle treatment and aesthetic medicine, he educates doctors and students in dermatology, laser medicine and aesthetic medicine. In 2006 he founded skinmed – a dermatological clinic and centre for plastic and aesthetic surgery near Zurich. Under his medical direction skinmed has received multiple awards and certifications. Today skinmed is one of the largest clinics of its kind in Switzerland.

9 doctors

2 operating rooms

6 specialised laser systems

up to 180 patients daily

40,000 patients in total

5,000 operations per year

Privately, Dr. Felix Bertram is devoted to the cause of animal protection and lives with 12 dogs in the Swiss countryside.